Grants and Funding

Here at IZ Energy we know that installing energy efficient measures can be expensive, which is why we provide assistance with grants and funding.

ECO Grant

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a British government energy efficiency scheme to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty.

It is a grant scheme designed for householders to reduce bills, keep warm and reduce our impact on the environment.  Currently our customers can apply for the ECO grant, a grant that helps low-income and vulnerable households install energy efficient solution to their homes.

We can help you through this journey from assessing your eligibility for ECO funding through to installation.

Below are the routes to qualify for the ECO Grant.

ECO Flex

The ECO grant can also be accessible through ECO Flex, where local authorities identify households as eligible under the “affordable warmth scheme”. This scheme provides grants for boiler or storage heater in the absence of benefits or tax credits.  Each local authority sets its own qualification criteria but generally the following factors are used to consider eligibility:

  • Health – If you have an illness such as a cardio-vascular disease or diabetes you could be eligible for a grant, as you would be classed as being vulnerable to the cold and need better heating.
  • Age – If you or someone who lives in your household is over 60, you could be eligible for a grant.
  • Property Type – Depending on the characteristics of your property and whether it needs more heating, you could be eligible for this grant. A survey to determine the EPC rating will help the local authority to assess the needs of your house.


HHCRO or Home Hearing Cost Reduction Obligation is a qualifying criterion for the ECO grant.  It is designed to help fund insulation (loft or solid wall) and heating systems (boiler or storage heaters) for low income households.

You are eligible if you receive at least one of the benefits and satisfy the relevant income requirements, where applicable:

  • Income-related employment and support allowance
  • Income based job seekers allowance
  • Income support
  • Pension credit guarantee credit
  • Tax credits
  • Universal credit

If you feel you meet the above criteria, please contact us

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